Exploring colors through interactive children's picture books!

My Color Friends: Book Titles

Meet My Color Friends in these 8 Exciting Titles!

Introducing our newest educational eBook:Graceful Grey, Asian Elephants at Work and Play in Chitwan, Nepal

Graceful Grey, Asian Elephants at Work and Play! Available as an eBook on Kindle and in print on Amazon.com.  Graceful Grey

Click here to meet Grace: Graceful Grey


White Went Around the World Children's BooksMeet my friend White in White Went Around the World, a delightful and interactive print book and ebook based looking on the color white.  As White journeyed from the shores of New Zealand–the land of the long white cloud–to exotic places in Asia, he met so many new friends dressed in white and went to some amazing new dazzling white locations around the world!  White will take you on a wonderful photo journey of the color.  Read more about White and where to buy White Went Around the World here: Meet My Friend White on Amazon.com or Now FREE on Smashwords.com.


Blue Went to Sea, a children's book on Amazon.comMy friend Blue in Blue Went to Sea.  Blue says, “Come and walk beside the sea with me, to see what we can see!”  Take a lovely stroll up and down New Zealand’s Coast while spotting the color blue everywhere–from the friends Blue meets to the sites at hand.  You will also enjoy the relaxing views from the shores of the Pacific Islands. Read more about Blue and where to buy here:  Meet my friend, Blue


Orange You Glad Children's book

My friend Orange loves laugh!  Will you join her in a good giggle and a great journey around the world meeting new orange friends everywhere?  Come giggle with my friend Orange! Meet My Friend Orange here


My Friend, Mr. Brown

My Friend, Mr. Brown went looking for new friends dressed and brown, and he found many!  Who did he meet?  Join us in My Friend, Mr. Brown to find out!  Meet my friend Brown here!


On Safari in Etosha National Park Namibia, Children's book

Come on an African Safari with us in: On Safari in Etosha National Park, Namibia.  My friend Jerry the Giraffe will take you to meet all his friends in the park–from the elephants to the wildebeests! Meet Jerry and learn more by visiting us at Etosha National Park.


I Spy…Purple! I Spy Purple EbookMy friend Purple loves to play I Spy, don’t you?  Come play I Spy through Great Grandma’s Garden in Colorado, then travel to Nepal to see how much elephants love the color purple too!  



Pink's Graden an Early Learning About Colors ebook

Pink’s Garden

In Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, Pink’s grandiose garden is all a bloom.  You will also meet Pink’s friends, a daring dragonfly, a beautiful butterfly, Elina the elephant and more!  Now FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

***Graceful Grey, Asian Elephants at Work and Play in Chitwan, Nepal

Take a ride on my friend Graceful Grey through the jungles of Nepal and discover the uniqueness of Asian elephants compared to Africa elephants.  You can also cheer for your favorite elephant during the elephant races and soccer tournaments at the Chitwan Elephant Festival. And you’ll also meet curious baby elephants at the Elephant Breeding Center in Nepal.

Read My Color Friends Today!

  • All 8 titles can be found as Kindle ebooks on Amazon.com or
  • If you need an EPub, PDF, RTF, LRF or PDB, multiple formats can be found on: Smashwords.com
  • Printed copies can be ordered through our “Book Bundles” page for a discounted price, pay with Pay Pal, or you can find them on CreateSpace.com.

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Come again soon friends!


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