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Colors from a Day and Night on the Town!

Bright Lights, Big City!


Conquered a Dragon

Our son, our second child, turned three today–and he conquered a dragon! What a life achievement already : ).


We included the plane ride as one of his many birthday presents, but more fun than that is: he has had 3 birthdays in 3 different countries!  (Our 4 year old will also have a birthday here and that means 5 for 5– I’m not sure how long we can keep this birthday thing up, but it’s fun while it lasts!)

From a village to the citythere are so many highlights!  But today in honor our big boy, we had ice cream, played inside at KFC’s play place, played outside at a park, had a picnic, had cupcakes with a yummy dinner and then played in a giant sand pit, with new birthday toys–today is the highlight of the trip so far!

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