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We have been talking up seeing pandas for 2 years now, and we finally have met 2 new delightful panda friends!

They were beautiful and they looked so gentle and cuddly. They were also behind bars, which made us a bit sad…but they were loved.

The brown and white panda crawled over to the bars when he saw his keeper, he talked, he cooed, he took a carrot on the command of “open”, and the keeper affectionately rubbed his head!

The small black and white panda we saw was 28 years old. She happily munched on bamboo the whole tie we were there. They said pandas only live to be 20 in the wild, but in captivity they can live til 35 sometimes. The little black and white pet has proven her longevity.

Our small panda adventure was a wonderful way to spend my daughter’s 5th birthday–5 for 5! Happy days!

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