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My Identity as an Author

Today I changed my Twitter profile from “A wife, mom, teacher and self published author…” to this:



It may not be perfected yet, but there was one big change of wording that is bigger than I first thought it was.  That’s right, I wrote “A self-published author” FIRST…my identity…for this Twitter account.  Or is it more than that?

Today did I finally admit to myself that I am writer?  

Did I finally admit that writing 6 children’s books wasn’t just a fling because I was bored with wife/homeschooling-mom duty (a big part of my motivation mind you!)?

Have I finally admitted that a larger part of my identity is as an author?

Changing the wording on my Twitter account does not change the order of my duties, wife and homeschooling-mother are still the biggest part of my day to day, but I think something is changing inside.

This journey of self introspection was begun about 3 weeks ago when a friend visited us–yes, some one flew to Nepal to visit us!!!–and began asking questions along the lines of “what gifts are in you waiting to be released?”  I honestly didn’t see the ease of writing 6 books as a gift, just something that happened the days when I escaped the mundane. 

I have held back from ever calling my self an “real” author.  I haven’t joined all those linkedIn groups I have seen just in case I didn’t fit the bill of “author”.  But I might. I might start putting myself out there more.  Might starting joining groups. Going wild on social media…who knows.

My friend’s questions have lead me to many more questions.  And I am willing to explore and find the answers.  This is the right path to be on to keep digging deeper in that pile of Christmas gifts I was given at birth!

May the reflection continue, and please join my conversation!



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