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I Spy with my little Eye…

I Spy with my little Eye…

My friend Purple!  Play a fun game of I Spy with your little one to discover purple in real life photos starting in Colorado then going to the nations!

I Spy…Purple is book number 6 in the My Color Friends educational book series.

At MCF weare celebrating another self-published book. We will work on getting it to print and in other eBook formats as soon as we can!

I Spy. . .Purple by S L Poulton is now avaible on Amazon.com for only 1.99.  Hit the link/title to buy it today : )


White Now in Print!

White Now in Print!

Done! Whew!

Blue Went to Sea

Take a journey beside the sea with my friend Blue.

Blue Went to Sea has been uploaded on Kindle Direct Publishing! Hopefully it will be approved and ready to download in the next 24 hours.

Blue Went to Sea is book number 3 in the My Color Friends book series.

Orange You Glad

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Orange who? (you may ask)

Orange you glad that book number two is being uploaded right now!

I am!!!

More details to come…

102 copies downloaded!

And it is still free for another 24 hours! My heart is glad and I am encouraged by everyone who has shared the books with their friends. It is a fun little adventure!

Thursday morning, when it returns to its normal price, every cent we earned will go into our disneyland fund : ). Working on book 2 to boost the fund!

Stay tuned!


White Went Around the World

White Went Around the World

Here it is on Amazon.com!

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