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Blue Went to Sea in Print!

Blue Went to Sea in Print!

Finally a little book about blue to wrap those beautiful fingers around!

The Winner

And the winner is: Blue Went to Sea with 172 free downloads!
White Went around the World in second with 139 free downloads, and
Orange You Glad in third with 109 free downloads (not shabby!). 

Thanks everyone!


BLUE IS FREE ON Amazon.com

BLUE IS FREE ON Amazon.com


Blue Went to Sea

Blue Went to Sea

Come for a walk beside the sea with my friend Blue! An engaging story discovering blue.

Now available as an e-book on Amazon.com. This is book #3 in the My Color Friends book series!

Blue Went to Sea

Take a journey beside the sea with my friend Blue.

Blue Went to Sea has been uploaded on Kindle Direct Publishing! Hopefully it will be approved and ready to download in the next 24 hours.

Blue Went to Sea is book number 3 in the My Color Friends book series.

Colors in the Works

Blue Went to Sea (hopefully available on Kindle by April 10, 2013!)

Pink at Parties

Purple Afternoons

Brown All Around

Black and White

Green_______________??? Suggestions?

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