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Rebuilding Nepal

I am so thankful for everyone who has given to our Sheltering Nepal rebuilding fund!  #HopeinHumanity

$1,000 has been raised which equals about 20 shelters built!  Each shelter can hold up to 5 families, that means at least 100 people have been helped through this giving!

I know many families are still suffering without shelter or food, but I am HOPEFUL that international neighbors and friends of Nepal are sharing their burden and doing more good than I will never know. Because we have seen such generosity, all the thousands of other people who are working hard to help Nepal, they must be making strides to.

Even though the rebuilding process will take time, the little moves we make forward together are life changing for those individuals involved.

I wish I had testimonies and stories to share, names and places of families being helped, but I don’t. And you know why? Because our friends are hard at work traveling and visiting those in need in villages.  They are tired, they are suffering through the heat of the monsoon and they honestly don’t have time to sit and communicate long stories to me…but I trust that lives are being changed! And when the time is right, I will hear those stories and pass it along!

Thanks for being a part of Nepal!  You can give or share our Sheltering Nepal fundraiser by checking it out on YouCaring.com. Click here to see the Sheltering Nepal fundraiser!

Please remember anytime you buy a My Color Friends paperback book, $5 will also go to this fundraiser for Nepali families!

Read more here: My Color Friends Book Titles


Our 2 Year Color Anniversary!

Today we met with our Nepali friends and had a birthday party.  Such a great way to start our last week in the place we have called home.    As we are about to embark on our adventure to New Zealand, I am also celebrating the 2 year anniversary of publishing my first kindle kids book, White Went Around the World!  So I get two fun and wonderful celebrations!

Packing up our lifetime of memories in Nepal is a big task.  I remember sitting in our guest room late into the night learning about Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace.  Those hours of searching the web and uploading my ebook again and again (with slow internet mind you) were worth it!

I have grown into this role as author.  And I look forward to the future that lies ahead in NZ–new possibilities, new colors, faster internet : ).  I am also very encouraged because in March 2015, I have officially made the same amount of sales as ALL of 2014!  Considering it’s only March, I feel I have a good thing going this year.

I have learned as a self-published author, momentum takes time.  It also takes effort (and fast internet), so maybe with little more time on my hands once we land in NZ, My Color Friends books can really take off!

Just in case you are wondering: our children’s paperback books best sellers are:

Graceful Grey, Asian Elephants at Work and Play in Chitwan, Nepal

Celebrating Elephants and memories of our home in Nepal!

On Safari in Etosha National Park Namibia, Children's book

Our memorable Safari in Namibia!











Real books, real places, real photos and a really fun adventure make for great learning in the hands of children!

It’s been a blast traveling and taking photos around the world and I am blessed that those photos have made great kids books.  The colors of the world to be celebrated in our house forever, and I hope they are celebrated in your house too!

Thanks for reading friends!



Another Great CreateSpace Children’s book!

Another Great CreateSpace Children’s book!

Zayden the Zebra Dreams Big Dreams by Kristen Demmel is another wonderful family-fun children’s book created on CreateSpace. The illustrator is friend from Australia/Canada, an artist who surprised me by illustrating a children’s book. A good surprise nonetheless and I highly recommend this book!

CreateSpace has give us 5 fantastic books in print and very helpful customer service.  For example, due to a simple mistake on my part, the wrong books were linked together on Amazon.com, and through a series of emails with Amazon, there was no resolution.  But once I contacted CreateSpace, the issue was promptly fixed and the correct print books were linked with the ebooks on Amazon.com. I was impressed with the speediness of the service!

We will continue printing books with Createspace.com! Do you have a book ready to be printed? You can get access to FREE book publishing tools, resources, and a growing online community of authors on CreateSpace.

Sign up on on of the CreateSpace links on our page!


All 5 Titles in Print!

All 5 Titles in Print!

Celebrating the sucessful completion of uploading My Friend, Mr. Brown and On Safari in Etosha National Park, Namibia!

Yes, it was in the middle of the night when I finished, but lucky for me we are a half day ahead of the USA, so I hope we are on schedule!


Glued to the Computer Screen

In the old days, I’m sure fingers were glued to the typewriter, but in today’s world of self-publishing, being glued to the computer screen = books (and productivity I’m sure!).

My eyes are tired.

My neck is sore!

My fingers jut across the keyboard in relentless attack, mostly on Quinn (like Tetris) while I wait for uploads…

My kids have been largely ignored.

My husband has been an angel.

And I am ready to unstick and go to bed.

But waiting for approval of my book…might send me to bed with the Ipad in hand, so I can immediately order those lovely little offsprings of my creativeness…

Glued.  Glued to the reward of a book, that I won’t even hold in my hands for another 6 months (because we live overseas, you see, and my family handles all the distribution)!

Glued…by unsticking NnnnnOooooWwwww!



Orange and Blue in New Reading Formats!

Orange and Blue in New Reading Formats!

Thanks to Smashwords.com my books Orange You Glad and Blue Went to Sea are now available in many formats–this for all you non-Kindle users!

The new formats include:

  • Epub (apple users!)
  • PDF
  • RTF
  • LTF (older sony readers)
  • PDB (palm reading devices)
  • Print versions are also available by emailing us at: meetmycolorfriends@gmail.com

Now, do a little dance with me!

All you non-Kindle-Kiwis (and other friends), please welcome Orange and Blue onto your Sony readers and your computers : )! Each book is only .99 on Smashwords.com and Amazon.com.

Thanks for reading!



Mr. Brown

Was pretty well finished weeks ago…but life events, relocating twice!, setling in twice! life happened. But after. A good hour run last night it is off to my editors. Looking forward to publishing it on Kindle soon! Say tuned…

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