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About the Author and Her Inspiration

Steph and Kids 13

I was born and raised in Colorado.  When I turned 16, my world expanded with my first flight (to NY) and the first time I crossed international borders–a trip to Niagara Falls in Canada and  then later that year, we visited to an orphange in Mexico.  The sky was no longer the limit!

Now I am married to a Kiwi and we have three amazing dual-citizen children! They love to learn and we are immersed in ABC’s, 123’s, COLORS and BOOKS all day long.

While living in Asia and traveling lots, the portable kindle reader became our best friend. My 2 1/2 year old’s favorite kindle book is Who Is hiding on the Farm, by Cindy Bracken. We read it over and over and over again! One day it dawned on me that the book was pretty simple, and even I may be able to create a kids book like it!

So I began to research, got bogged down in jargon, got lifted up by a super supportive husband and some friends, had such a fun time looking over years of memories captured in our photos…and then White Went Around the World was born.

Not only is it a fun real life, memory-filled tool for my children to learn about the color white, but it also a gift to all of us who have supported us along all our journeys!  7 more fun books followed and the kids have loved every single one so far!  I hope your family will join our journey by reading the My Color Friends Book Series!

Read more about me on Amazon Author’s Page.

Contact us: Please write to us at: P.O. Box 173, Naturita, CO, 81422


Email us at: meetmycolorfriends@gmail.com

Thanks for joining the adventure!


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  1. Thanks for following the Jenn stories! It’s great to meet you. 🙂 Purpley yours, Jenn.


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