Exploring colors through interactive children's picture books!


Welcome to the Adventures of My Color Friends!

Join us as we travel the world looking for amazing colors everywhere and creating interactive educational books for children, especially for kids in preschool!  Our books are available in a kid-durable 8×8 paperback and in many eBook formats, such as: Kindle, iBooks, NOOK, and more!

As most of our books were inspired and written while living in Nepal, we are actively trying to help our Nepali friends rebuild and serve other Nepali families after the devastating earthquake.  Every time you buy a print of the My Color Friends books series $5 is directly donated to helping our friends at the Hope and Joy Children’s Home rebuild their care center!

Testimonies from Happy Readers:

“A journey through some beautiful landscapes yet we can see that they are very real places that the author has visited. Great to share and discuss with children, particularly preschoolers.” ~ Hetser C Lang

“The book was simple, lighthearted and interesting to look at, even for a grown up. I can’t wait to see where the next color takes us!” ~Hobbes

Our Titles in Paperback and as eBooks:

 Blue Went to Sea in New Zealand children's bookWhite Went Around the World Children's BooksOrange You Glad Children's bookOn Safari in Etosha National Park Namibia, Children's bookMy Friend, Mr. BrownGraceful Grey, Asian Elephants at Work and Play in Chitwan, Nepal

***The BEST way to get a print copy today is at a discount from the author on our Book Bundles! page. Or buy at Createspace.com or on Amazon.com.***


Our Titles as eBooks only Include:

7-aa Cover Purple Poster Size with WhitePink's Graden an Early Learning About Colors ebook


We raised our three kids in Nepal and travelled around Asia with our family of 5 from 2010-2015. Each trip was always educational and very rewarding for our family, and it provided the opportunity to witness (and document!) the unique colors of the nations.

This is our family’s first adventure in the world of self publishing children books.  Each picture book includes real photos taken by us on our family’s adventures.  Our goal is that each Color Friend will be a fun and educational tool–not only for our children to enjoy, but for your family too : ).

We have Published:

our photos can also be found on Zazzle, gifts and more!

We’re on a roll! Join us in the celebrating, wiggling-giggling fun!


We would love for you to read and share in our adventures!

Email us and tell us what your child’s favorite color is, and submit a colorful photo to add to the next book!

Email Us at: meetmycolorfriends@gmail.com

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  2. Thanks #knowurcolours!


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