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I love Freebies

And I am sure you do too!  Grand total of FREE downloads for our children’s ebook My Friend, Mr Brown is:



We loved sharing brow this weekend!  We hope YOU are enjoying reading it with your family.

Thanks for downloading!

P.S. Remember you can order a set of 3 printed books–White Went Around the World, Blue Went to Sea and Orange You Glad for $20 + $3s/h. Click on “Promotions” above to pay with paypal today! (I’ll work on printing Brown soon!)


Education Seminar highlight!


My Current highlight is that on Mon we taught everyone how to make playdough, goop, finger paint, etc and instead of weird looks and/or guilt b/c we are “wasting food”, everyone happily took off with the ideas! And now we are step 3 into making piñatas with balloons!

meeting new friends, including the team from Australia that is helping!
A chance to do/ work on something, a challenge
We’re out of the house
The kids are active and involved with the local playschool (mostly our 2.5 year old)
Using my organizational skills for the greater good of common man…

Trying to organize everything takes a lot of effort! No rest!
Kids’ schedules are thrown off, eating and nap times…boo, hoo!
Oh and poor Levi has picked up this heart breaking “mmmaaammmmaaa” cry from the new unsettled little ones…

And the worst–
Being told “that’s a good idea…for YOU…but we can’t…” Obviously, this last one is the most discouraging, but it is a common attitude in Asia and did not surprise me. Even though that ugly attitude came up, by the end of the week, we were making breakthroughs in people’s thinking and beginning to see things clicks.

We have a few more days of the seminar and hopefully we can celebrate the end with a candy raining from the sky (or from our piñatas)!

Book Note
: Started on Brown today!


I am a homeschooling mom in Asia…if I wasn’t here, I still would be a homeschooling I have a background in Education and love kids-all shapes and sizes! Asia is always interesting, but some perks for me personally include being invited to share at a local Education Seminar. Invited, and asked to be the administration : ).

It’s a joy to share, teach, practice and use my kids as examples all while being surrounded by adults! A change of scenery from my every day life!

15 participants crammed in to our a beautifully decorated classroom (with the theme of trees) to learn about the fruitfulness that education can bring. Although we expected mainly early childhood educators, working with kids ages 2-5 (my expertise with 2 children in that category) there is a variety of educators, parents, church workers, and even some working with adults. It is a great range of people to work with, and ultimately I think we can address all ages and stages.

I am thankful for life experience that I can draw from-Sunday school, after school programs, mentoring foster kids, teaching opportunities and a variety of attended trainings and seminars!

Some of the topics this morning were: getting to know each other, what our favorite teachers were like, goals and purposes of education and how to produce fruitful in character in our children.

These faithful workers will with be with us for 2 weeks. I hope we can all grow and discover together. And I may even show them my little eBook as an example of “creating our own materials” (when we have none!). It might blow them away that it is even possible to create a book so simply : ).

White Went Around the World

“My friend White went on an adventure around the world…”

Please come and join us as White shares his discoveries in the book White Went Around the World a series of beautiful pictures taken in exotic places, perfect for introducing children to the wonders of the color white.

This is the first in the series of My Color Friends by S. L. Poulton.

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