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Checking Proofs

I just checked the proofs (via skype) for White Went Around the World and Blue Went to Sea. They look good! Wish I could hold them in my own hands and let my kids turn the pages…but soon enough!

I need to make some minor changes, mostly regarding making pictures brighter because in the printed book, the pictures never look as bright as the kindle version. I must remember that for the next book.

Another exciting step towards having three books in print!


White Went Around the World

White Went Around the World

Here it is on Amazon.com!

White Went Around the World

“My friend White went on an adventure around the world…”

Please come and join us as White shares his discoveries in the book White Went Around the World a series of beautiful pictures taken in exotic places, perfect for introducing children to the wonders of the color white.

This is the first in the series of My Color Friends by S. L. Poulton.

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