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Another Great CreateSpace Children’s book!

Another Great CreateSpace Children’s book!

Zayden the Zebra Dreams Big Dreams by Kristen Demmel is another wonderful family-fun children’s book created on CreateSpace. The illustrator is friend from Australia/Canada, an artist who surprised me by illustrating a children’s book. A good surprise nonetheless and I highly recommend this book!

CreateSpace has give us 5 fantastic books in print and very helpful customer service.  For example, due to a simple mistake on my part, the wrong books were linked together on Amazon.com, and through a series of emails with Amazon, there was no resolution.  But once I contacted CreateSpace, the issue was promptly fixed and the correct print books were linked with the ebooks on Amazon.com. I was impressed with the speediness of the service!

We will continue printing books with Createspace.com! Do you have a book ready to be printed? You can get access to FREE book publishing tools, resources, and a growing online community of authors on CreateSpace.

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