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Stuck in an Elevator

Remember when I said traveling with three kids under the age of 5 would be an adventure in itself? Well, I was right.  : )

We left “Home A” at 9 am, on a drizzly non-eventful sorta day.  Not very far into the flight, 2 out of 3 started throwing up.  It’s ok, we’re well equipped and almost pros.  Arriving in country we went through a temperature scanner and bells and whistles started going off–the non throwing-up child had a high fever.  We were pulled aside and sorted out, which mainly included signing a statement saying we would take him to the nearest doc upon arrival or face possible jail time (we never mentioned the other 2 who had been throwing-up).  And on we went…

Collected our bags went through security straight to the elevator.  Can you guess what happened next?  We are world travelers and never ever have we ever been stuck in an elevator—until then. Stuck. 15 minutes up then down again and again and lots of “lost in translation” stuck.   We were blessed to be in a glass elevator so we got to see the show, and no one threw up in those 15 minutes…The funniest part was the repair man was too short to reach the key hole for emergency opening.  Eventually some one tall enough came and up and down we went til the elevator finally opened.

We dragged our sleepy three through the airport for our domestic flight—check the bags, security again, etc.  Up in the air, more throwing up, of course, and then we arrived at “Home B” about 10 pm and went straight to the doctor.  Viral infection for one, bacterial infection for the other.  Lots of screaming over pricked fingers, which resulted in lollipops being handed out, which was the most they had eaten and kept down all day!

In all our ER visits overseas, this one was pretty straightforward—I of course had to provide the thermometer and convert the temps…but no mucking around anyway, and we just finished as the drunken accidents started to appear.

“Rough beginning, great endings”, right? Hope so!

And now from “Home B”, we are settled in, sleeping and enjoying the many, many, many luxuries the city has to offer—green parks to play in, chocolate ice creams to eat and sparkling hot water on tap…you name it, I bet we can find some kind of version of it! 

Enjoying our vibrant life and so many colors everywhere!

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