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Glued to the Computer Screen

In the old days, I’m sure fingers were glued to the typewriter, but in today’s world of self-publishing, being glued to the computer screen = books (and productivity I’m sure!).

My eyes are tired.

My neck is sore!

My fingers jut across the keyboard in relentless attack, mostly on Quinn (like Tetris) while I wait for uploads…

My kids have been largely ignored.

My husband has been an angel.

And I am ready to unstick and go to bed.

But waiting for approval of my book…might send me to bed with the Ipad in hand, so I can immediately order those lovely little offsprings of my creativeness…

Glued.  Glued to the reward of a book, that I won’t even hold in my hands for another 6 months (because we live overseas, you see, and my family handles all the distribution)!

Glued…by unsticking NnnnnOooooWwwww!



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