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Imperfect Action

Today was a massive FIRST for me and the My Color Friends Series! I dropped off 8 MCF sample books at a national NZ early childhood education company.

 I watched her face as she opened Graceful Grey, and she seemed pleasantly surprised.  She had slight smile while she was looking at the pictures, trying to quickly read the text.

Still letting it sink in.  It’s an amazing opportunity.

This past month I have been selling a NZ special edition of Graceful Grey to fundraise for a new building for our friends at the Hope and Joy Children’s Home in Nepal. We have had great responses! And we have about $500 USD to give towards their new building project! We will do another fundraiser in Oct and we hope to double our giving amount! Graceful Grey is doing her part and I am doing mine.

All printed book sales through us, the profit will go straight to the Hope and Joy Children’s Home! 

Hope and Joy Children's Home in Nepal

At our first fundraiser, a friend approached me and said she loved the idea of the books, she loved the look of the books and she asked if she could pass it along to her early childhood education boss. Her boss was open to the idea and today I briefly popped in and handed her a bundle of books. I was unprepared when she asked for a flier, but I got her email address and promised her one in the morning.

I have been learning about IMPERFECT ACTION–just do something, take action, move forward. I don’t necessarily need to wait til it’s perfect or “right”. Today was a good example, I took action. I fell my books still have a long way to go before the are ready to be marketed mainstream in NZ or anywhere! But I swallowed and called the boss once, texted twice and charged in when I got a 5 minute meeting.

When I met her, I asked what she knew about the books, and she said, “Oh that a friend had made a book with some travel pictures, is that right?”

I rambled through living in Nepal and then handed her a book. I watched her face as she opened Graceful Grey, and she seemed pleasantly surprised.  She had slight smile while she was looking at the pictures, trying to quickly read the text. Her smile encouraged me, and I continued babbling about something…I left 8 books in her hand, promised a flier tomorrow and got her business card with her email address.

She is going to offer them to her educators and put in an order.

I am blown away by this opportunity!  And I hope and pray that it can make a real difference for our friends in Nepal!  This is also a small (or maybe large!) launch of the MCF books in NZ.  Wow.

I am thankful. 


Rebuilding Nepal

I am so thankful for everyone who has given to our Sheltering Nepal rebuilding fund!  #HopeinHumanity

$1,000 has been raised which equals about 20 shelters built!  Each shelter can hold up to 5 families, that means at least 100 people have been helped through this giving!

I know many families are still suffering without shelter or food, but I am HOPEFUL that international neighbors and friends of Nepal are sharing their burden and doing more good than I will never know. Because we have seen such generosity, all the thousands of other people who are working hard to help Nepal, they must be making strides to.

Even though the rebuilding process will take time, the little moves we make forward together are life changing for those individuals involved.

I wish I had testimonies and stories to share, names and places of families being helped, but I don’t. And you know why? Because our friends are hard at work traveling and visiting those in need in villages.  They are tired, they are suffering through the heat of the monsoon and they honestly don’t have time to sit and communicate long stories to me…but I trust that lives are being changed! And when the time is right, I will hear those stories and pass it along!

Thanks for being a part of Nepal!  You can give or share our Sheltering Nepal fundraiser by checking it out on YouCaring.com. Click here to see the Sheltering Nepal fundraiser!

Please remember anytime you buy a My Color Friends paperback book, $5 will also go to this fundraiser for Nepali families!

Read more here: My Color Friends Book Titles


Free: My Color Friends Book Series: Book 4

Free: My Color Friends Book Series: Book 4

Free Ebook: My Friend, Mr. Brown By S. L. Poulton, because we are celebrating it’s first print edition! Fun for the whole family! 

Please share with your family and friends!


On Safari in Etosha National Park, Namibia

On Safari in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Lions, Zebras, Giraffes, Oh My!

Come along as Jerry the Giraffe introduces you to his many friends at Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa. You will meet zebras, elephants, lions, ostriches, kudus, gemsboks and more in 34 real pictures taken at Etosha National Park.

Our safari in Etosha was one of the highlights of all of our travels! While working with a school for aids orphans in Windhoek, Namibia, we spent took a three day road trip to Etosha. This was before we had kids and road trips in Africa were conceivable. We took a friend, hit the road and drove through the park for 3 days looking for wildlife. And we found plenty! Three days of adventure that we’d like to share with you!

We hope you enjoy this children’s ebook On Safari in Etosha National Park, Namibia –fun for the whole family.

This is book 5 in the My Color Friends book series which explores the colors of the nations in educational and interactive books. My friends White, Blue, Orange and Brown are waiting to meet you in these titles:


Slither: A Children’s Book about Telling the Truth

Slither: A Children’s Book about Telling the Truth

This is a great book by a friend! Celebrating their publication with them!!!  Get it now on Amazon for free (lick on the link above).

Book details:

Slither by Bill Hale, Illustrated by Sam Hale

Slither the Snake learns the importance of telling the truth in this humorous story. By the time he is ready to tell the truth, his lies have turned him into a miserable tangled mess of knots and very suspicious lumps. As things escalate, will his friends be safe?

White Went Around the World

“My friend White went on an adventure around the world…”

Please come and join us as White shares his discoveries in the book White Went Around the World a series of beautiful pictures taken in exotic places, perfect for introducing children to the wonders of the color white.

This is the first in the series of My Color Friends by S. L. Poulton.

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