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Graceful Grey Soon on Amazon.com

With a bit of good fortune, Graceful Grey will be available on Amazon.com when America wakes up on Saturday morning!

My supportive husband gets the credit for taking the 3 rascals this morning and answering my, “Honey, does my description sound good?” interruptions.

The boys are asleep, my daughter is mixing all the Barbie movie soundtracks while she does a puzzle, and I can relax knowing that I’m done with all the uploads!

I like elephants. They are my mom’s favorites. My toddler screams in delight every time he sees one, and we are blessed to see them LIVE about once a year.

What a great way to summarize our 4 years in Nepal with a children’s ebook about Asian elephants in Chitwan, Nepal.

Time for some celebration chocolate!

Graceful Grey in Chitwan, Nepal

Graceful Grey in Chitwan, Nepal


What I am Learning from Homeschooling My Kids, Part 1

What I am Learning from Homeschooling My Kids, Part 1

We have spent the last 3 years being slightly annoyed at my middle son, who always wants to be a part of everything anybody ever does!!! Recently I started having some one-on-one time with him, officially starting to learn letters. He often asked, “where’s sissy? What is she doing?”… Until I sat close to him and colored WITH him. If I am WITH him, he is happy.

He is a group learner. The rest of us will happily work on projects independently (which is why it took my so long to figure him out!). He is happy when he is a part of the group. So my husband and I sat down and regrouped–created a plan to do some group projects related to our history lessons. Here is a picture of our first group project, creating the world. He loved it.

But as you can see from my daughter’s face, she did not love it. Although we can’t please everyone all the time, we’ve made a slot for group projects in the midst of lots of self-teaching and independent learning. Over these next few weeks, I hope to build a habit and pattern that will include everyone’s learning strengths.

And what is most important is that I have learned that my son is a group learner…and when I make room for him to be part of the group, Peace follows. That’s our aim, peace in our home school!


Pink’s Garden Book #7 Now Free!

Pink’s Garden Book #7 Now Free!

Discover the color pink with your preschooler in 25 real photos taken by the author. Featuring Nepal’s Elina the elephant too!

It’s now free on Amazon.com (hit the link above) until April 23. Please share, share, share! And leave a review if you toddler/preschooler enjoyed it!

Thanks and ENJOY!


Our Favorite Children’s Preschool Ebooks

Our Favorite Children’s Preschool Ebooks

As a newbie to Listmania, I am glad to share my first ebook list. Our life really does revolves around kids ebooks and since making lists are so much fun, I think there will be more loss made soon!!!

Join our family’s best preschool ebook reads and have fun!



Pink’s Garden Now Available on Amazon

Pink’s Garden Now Available on Amazon

After months of procrastination, Pink is here and ready for you to visit her garden!  Only .99 cents for this lovely visit through Pink’s flower garden. 25 real life photos taken from around the world by the author are welcoming and enjoyable.  Check it out today!


Pink’s Garden is book #7 in the My Color Friends Book Series!


For Art Lovers, Homeschoolers and the Masses

For Art Lovers, Homeschoolers and the Masses

Stanely Cesar has published over 2 dozen children’s art books on amazon.com–many are FREE today! I love that I can have Monet, Rembrandt and Picasso at our fingertips on our iPad. 

The art lovers in my house are happy! Click on the link above to get your copies too.  


Lorraine Curry’s the Easy Homeschooling Library on Sale!

Lorraine Curry’s the Easy Homeschooling Library on Sale!

love this! For only $17 you can get over $300 worth of homeschooling books, resources and curriculum guides! But only for the next 72 hours! Go to the link above to see the details, and you can even download a 90 page sampler of the book Easy Homeschooling Techniques” by Loraine Curry, if you’re not already sold.

I have been a fan of Charolette Mason and living literature for awhile now, and with this purchase I may have just crossed over– only living books as our curriculum from here on out : )


homeschoolers unite! Pease share the link in your homeschooling circles!



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