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C.S. Lewis on Reading Fiction

Children need brave knights to believe in!


C.S. Lewis on Reading Fiction

We have more picture books on the way next week, and in 2 weeks I am tackling a stack of folktales & fairytales. I love reading fiction, particularly fairytales, because the story is good vs. evil, there are clear foes, and the brave heroes manage to win. Children need to read fiction if only to experience safely in a book the villains they will surely meet face-to-face in one form or another. Can’t wait to share more books with you!

Teachers and parents:

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3 on NOOK!

3 on NOOK!

The latest title to hit the NOOK bookshelf: My Friend, Mr. Brown by S. L. Poulton! 

I am excited, again, for Mr. Brown join the B&N family too! Only 2 more books needing to cross over… 

Here’s to more to come!



All 5 Titles in Print!

All 5 Titles in Print!

Celebrating the sucessful completion of uploading My Friend, Mr. Brown and On Safari in Etosha National Park, Namibia!

Yes, it was in the middle of the night when I finished, but lucky for me we are a half day ahead of the USA, so I hope we are on schedule!


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