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Random Book Sales Makes My Heart Happy

Random Book Sales Makes My Heart Happy

In so many ways.

Recently on Amazon and CreateSpace, random sales on my book, On Safari in Etosha National Park, Namibia: My Color Friends: Book 5 had made me extremely happy!  This is my needle in a haystack that is actually being found. Random, I know.

Life’s too busy to promo, honestly, so all I have on my side is random google and Amazon searches.  I self-published wishing and praying that some one out there in the world wide web would stumble upon me and buy my book.  I think I was only half aware of the size of the haystack at the time, but nonetheless, I trusted in randomness.

Now, the creation of On Safari in Etosha National Park, Namibia…is divinely inspired.  It doesn’t fit the others in the series (whoops!), it is RANDOM.  But I felt I had to write it.  I was compelled and pushed to write and do it quickly…and as it turns out, it more sellable than the others.  I hoped and wished it would be, since it is based on 1 specific location, a quite famous location that actually attracts a bit of interest!  

Etosha National Park is an amazing place!  And we were so blessed to be able to go there when we were kid free  : ).  No crazy amounts of luggage or snacks, just us, the quiet, nature and our camera. (Sometimes I do miss those days, the quiet!). 

Anyway, I don’t stalk my sales, because I haven’t the time (and have mostly given up), but the other day when I popped onto CreateSpace, there was a dollar amount in my homepage.  Blown away I ran to my husband and said something along the lines “Someone from outside my family actually bought the book–more than 1!”  He had to see the proof, but when he did, two hearts were happy.

I hope the randomness continues : )



Lorraine Curry’s the Easy Homeschooling Library on Sale!

Lorraine Curry’s the Easy Homeschooling Library on Sale!

love this! For only $17 you can get over $300 worth of homeschooling books, resources and curriculum guides! But only for the next 72 hours! Go to the link above to see the details, and you can even download a 90 page sampler of the book Easy Homeschooling Techniques” by Loraine Curry, if you’re not already sold.

I have been a fan of Charolette Mason and living literature for awhile now, and with this purchase I may have just crossed over– only living books as our curriculum from here on out : )


homeschoolers unite! Pease share the link in your homeschooling circles!




Another Great CreateSpace Children’s book!

Another Great CreateSpace Children’s book!

Zayden the Zebra Dreams Big Dreams by Kristen Demmel is another wonderful family-fun children’s book created on CreateSpace. The illustrator is friend from Australia/Canada, an artist who surprised me by illustrating a children’s book. A good surprise nonetheless and I highly recommend this book!

CreateSpace has give us 5 fantastic books in print and very helpful customer service.  For example, due to a simple mistake on my part, the wrong books were linked together on Amazon.com, and through a series of emails with Amazon, there was no resolution.  But once I contacted CreateSpace, the issue was promptly fixed and the correct print books were linked with the ebooks on Amazon.com. I was impressed with the speediness of the service!

We will continue printing books with Createspace.com! Do you have a book ready to be printed? You can get access to FREE book publishing tools, resources, and a growing online community of authors on CreateSpace.

Sign up on on of the CreateSpace links on our page!

Learning how to blog

I have had a personal blog since 2010…so i should know how to write and manage a blog, right?  I am learning that I have no idea!  But I am learning.

My personal blog (not this one) was created to keep friends and family connected with our adventures and travels.  It didn’t have to be fancy and there are no big expectations.  It’s been fun and a good place to start.

But now I’m an author (really? wow! Let me just say that out loud for a minute and let it sink in…).  And now I have this blog, a public for-the-world-to-see kinda blog.  It needs to be good, right?  Probably.  I think it will improve.  I obviously want to sell something–currently 3 books– my blog is my publicist.  But now I am learning about this bigger blogging community that’s out there and how I fit in.  

I was actually inspired by someone who “like” one of my posts.  My first thoughts were of shock, “Really, someone besides my mom found my blog!  How did that happen?”  So I looked on his blog to find clues.  Maybe he’s a dad or an uncle (why else would he take interest in a new blog about a series of kids books), maybe he just wants me to follow him to his blog.  Interesting.  His blog topic: effective blogging.  Although I felt a bit scammed (that I am now just another hit on his blog) he had some really good ideas!  

A blog can be more that just random thoughts or a commercial.  It can be a community.  

I spent this morning updating my blog with some of the dos and don’ts that I’ve read about.  And I also did some researching, which means I read a lot of blogs!  Most of which made me cry, they touched my heart.  Those are the people I want to be in my community. The parents or educators like me.  The ones with heart and a story to tell.

Although I don’t have much free time (in fact although this morning has been productive and worth it, I still feel guilty for zoning out my kids and into the computer) I like the idea of having a community.  Being connected to the “real world” once again.  It can get a bit lonely overseas.

So, still with the intent to sell books, I may add to the this blog, some thoughts, some personal-ness, something real for the world to see.  Our public blog with a focus can zoom out and include some insights to our little family.  After all I am publishing our personal family photos.  I think you could see what’s behind them!

Let’s see where it goes from here!  Please leave a comment if you have a direction in mind : ) 

Thanks for joining the adventure of blogging!

Orange You Glad

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Orange who? (you may ask)

Orange you glad that book number two is being uploaded right now!

I am!!!

More details to come…

102 copies downloaded!

And it is still free for another 24 hours! My heart is glad and I am encouraged by everyone who has shared the books with their friends. It is a fun little adventure!

Thursday morning, when it returns to its normal price, every cent we earned will go into our disneyland fund : ). Working on book 2 to boost the fund!

Stay tuned!


White Went Around the World

White Went Around the World

Here it is on Amazon.com!

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