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Our Family’s Transition from Nepal to New Zealand

Transition is tough.  Our transition as a family of 5 moving from Nepal to New Zealand has been tough.  But it has also been refreshing.

Two months on the family farm out in the wop wops (some NZ lingo for the middle of nowhere!) was fantastic.  Reconnecting with Ben’s family– his mother celebrated her 81st birthday!, the kids rode ponies and motorbikes with their cousins–was full on family fun.  Three years is a long time to be away from family, but oh how we appreciate these days living ‘next door’!

We were emotionally struggling when we first came home.  The transition, the earthquake that devastated Nepal, re-adapting to NZ, etc.  We just need rest, a full stop.  And we received it in the beautiful rolling hills of the family sheep farm.

NZ Sheep Farm

Our Home on the Farm

We also went to a special week of debriefing.  It was incredible just to let the words bundled up in our hearts spill out.  It was safe, it was freeing, it was restoring. We were ready to move on from Nepal and establish ourselves in NZ.

About three weeks ago we moved to “town”.  Living with family was terrific, but we needed something to call our own, something to ground us here in NZ. A nest!  Finding the perfect house for the perfect price in the right neighborhood was  miracle–we feel loved!

The kids have started school.  It was harder for the homeschooling mom than them, I think! They are sick at home this week so I am catching up all the cuddles and quality time, while blowing noses and rubbing vicks on everyone.

And here we are, in New Zealand.

After three months, I finally feel settled.  Our nest is home.  We have a daily routine, we each have our roles and responsibilities and we are moving forward.  So the question is…

Is it time for the My Color Friends children’s book series to live again…?

I was shocked when my son’s preschool teacher asked me if I was still writing books.  I just stammered, “Maybe when we get settled…”

And then she added, “You should keep writing them, they are good.”

I blew off her comments then, ducked my head and ducked out of the class…but later it really did hit me.  Someone actually has read my books! Some one I didn’t know til just now.  Someone in NZ.  A professional in early childhood education and SHE values my early learning ebooks!  Wow.  Encouragement has filled my heart.

I just said I am settled, didn’t I?  So, maybe it’s time to start writing again.  I do have some ideas, I do have the time, I always have my family’s support.  Deep breath, I might be able to do it!  I am struggling with the idea of reinventing myself for a NZ audience or not…One step at a time.

Catch up with the blog, CHECK!

Update my author photo on a million sites, CHECK!

Update Graceful Grey for a Special New Zealand Edition and get it ready to print, CHECK!

It seems the My Color Friends book series is moving forward too!

Thanks for  journeying with me!


What I am Learning from Homeschooling My Kids, Part 1

What I am Learning from Homeschooling My Kids, Part 1

We have spent the last 3 years being slightly annoyed at my middle son, who always wants to be a part of everything anybody ever does!!! Recently I started having some one-on-one time with him, officially starting to learn letters. He often asked, “where’s sissy? What is she doing?”… Until I sat close to him and colored WITH him. If I am WITH him, he is happy.

He is a group learner. The rest of us will happily work on projects independently (which is why it took my so long to figure him out!). He is happy when he is a part of the group. So my husband and I sat down and regrouped–created a plan to do some group projects related to our history lessons. Here is a picture of our first group project, creating the world. He loved it.

But as you can see from my daughter’s face, she did not love it. Although we can’t please everyone all the time, we’ve made a slot for group projects in the midst of lots of self-teaching and independent learning. Over these next few weeks, I hope to build a habit and pattern that will include everyone’s learning strengths.

And what is most important is that I have learned that my son is a group learner…and when I make room for him to be part of the group, Peace follows. That’s our aim, peace in our home school!

The Great Bean Bag Ride of 2013

A poem, inspired by my children.



The Great Bean Bag Ride of 2013

S. L. Poulton


My sister held tight to her pink

lumpy bean bag.

I held on

for the ride of my life.

Racing down the halls

Around the corner



Onto the tiles, a wonderful spin.

Through the kitchen

And the open door

Down the stairs

Thump thump thump.


Sister’s hand twitched under the bean bag

As I lifted my head,

“Are you ok?”

A fist rose in triumph

Followed by the laugh of a lifetime.

I will never forget the bean bag ride of 2013.

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