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Welcome to Hetauda, Nepal!

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When we were planning on moving to Hetauda, Nepal (after 2 years living in Pokhara, Nepal) the first thing I did was googled it, of course!  But I didn’t find much, just a few old old blogs and many government sites, mostly in Nepali.  So if you have googled Hetauda and found this post, my job is done : ).

The Basics: 

Map of Hetauda

General Info on Wikipedia

Where is Hetauda:

We are 132 kilometers south of Kathmandu valley, you need to climb a mountain or two to get here!

How to get here: 

The fastest, most direct way is to take a Sumo Jeep over the mountains.  Most travel agents can arrange this. It is 400R per seat.  If traveling alone, hire the front two seats to have the most comfort.  As a family we hire the whole jeep at 4,000R ($40) per 1 way trip.  It is 3 hours of windy roads, but safe and and with stops.  It is well worth the direct route instead of 7-8 hours through Chitwan, unless of course you want to stop in Chitwan!

The government is digging a tunnel from Hetuada to KTM (the first tunnel in Nepal), which will only take 1 hour of travel when it is completed.  FYI.

Eating Out/Where to Stay: 

The Orchid/Avocado Hotel We have stayed in the Avocado for cheap and we regularly enjoy their food!  And they serve some great Guacamole when the avocados are in season!  Their new addition of a playground make this a must for our family!

Hetauda Playground, kids

Regal Hetauda Resort The Regal has a quiet lake and is the perfect spot to get away for the afternoon. We prefer their menu and usually go there once a month.  It has a big garden for the kids to play in.

For our Fast Food needs: Kathmandu Fast Food on the main street is great. They also have a few toys for the kids.

Local Entertainment: 

The river! Restaurants with music…typical Nepali life.

Nearby are two great places to visit: Daman and Chitwan National Park.

  • Daman offers a beautiful view of the Himalayas, from the Annapurnas in the west all the way to Mt. Everest in the east!
  • Chitwan is the natural playground in Nepal.  A safari to find elephants, rhinos and crocodiles is a must! See our family’s adventure in Chitwan: Travel Blog


There are dozens of NGOs here, mostly because the need is great!  Two that we have visited and worked with are:

EduVision Nepal and Familia d’Hetauda (In Spanish)

Here is a spot for general volunteer info in Nepal: Volunteer in Nepal

Living here: 

Living in Nepal is always an adventure!  Hetauda suits us well as it is small enough and big enough at the same time!  There is a movie theater, a walk-in grocery store, restaurants, a new playground, a sports field and many beautiful friends!  But it only has a handful of busy streets, which suits us fine.  We often drive in the “country” and create our own family adventures.

Please email me if you would like more information about Hetauda or Nepal!

Email: meetmycolorfriends@gmail.com



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