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8 More Picture Books to Share

Yay! We love new books!


Over the past month, we’ve explored the picture books on the New York Public Library’s list of 100 Titles to Read and Share.

While writing these book reviews I have definitely found some new favorites!

Here is the last set of picture book reviews. I was glad to see a trend of multicultural books in this part of the list.

Also, you will want to read my criteria for the book reviews, as well as the rating scale.

8 More Picture Books to Share | Book reviews for parents and teachers

#16 Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote: A Migrant’s Tale by Duncan Tonatiuh

Image4 Cheers!

This book was a conversation starter for my husband and me.

It is a beautiful story, told with complete simplicity. No drama, no politics, no pity, just a story revealing the true experiences of real people—EXCEPT there are no people in this book. All of the characters are animals. Rabbits, chickens, ducks, snakes, and a coyote. And…

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Orange You Glad is in a Contest

Orange You Glad is in a Contest

Our first contest here at My Color Friends…And it kinda freaks me out a bit, so I figured I better blog about it!

I obviously like the My Color Friends book series, and I have only received positive feedback from family and friends…but the general public??? Ahh, I have no idea! Is it worth reading to your little one? Will it make the Top Ten List?

Deep breath, I will try not to over think it! It’s another opportunity to share My Color Friends, and I hope Aviva GIttle and her crew enjoy wiggling and giggling with My Friend Orange!

Go Orange! Go Orange! Go Orange!

If you have a children’s ebook to share win yet another platform, please follow the link above. Submissions are free! We can do it–we can put ourselves out there!!!


Checking Proofs

I just checked the proofs (via skype) for White Went Around the World and Blue Went to Sea. They look good! Wish I could hold them in my own hands and let my kids turn the pages…but soon enough!

I need to make some minor changes, mostly regarding making pictures brighter because in the printed book, the pictures never look as bright as the kindle version. I must remember that for the next book.

Another exciting step towards having three books in print!

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