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Mommy’s Books

Mommy’s Books

At our house in Nepal it’s over 100 degrees everyday!  The sun is hot and we are stuck inside most of the day, but our mornings and evening are the perfect time to play!

 Are you stuck inside with your tribe of toddlers and preschoolers too?  If so, it’s time to swap busy activities, I’m running out!  A little inspiration may go a long way!

The Kindle is still our best friend, the kids read just as many stories as my husband does novels.  And I love when they choose to read “Mommy’s books” on our Kindle.  It warms my heart.  And in a way it’s says to me that the My Color Friends ebooks series is worth it (and aimed at the right audience!).

Yesterday, due to technical errors, I painstakingly started from scratch to recreate I Spy…Purple! for Smashwords.  Two days of fighting with the computer doesn’t make my days fun, but I am glad to say that I won! I won! I won!

I Spy…Purple! is now available on Smashwords.com for only .99, making it ebook 5 that can now be bought on iBooks and Barnes and Noble. I am a lot happier now!  Click on the link above to see all five titles in their shining glory on Smashwords : ).

All that to say, if you need an indoor activity for your ones in Pre-K, I think I Spy…Purple! will be perfect.  The ebook may only last ten minutes, but hopefully some fun will ensue around the house when everyone is inspired to play I Spy!  It’s the classic games that keep my kids entertained, and I bet they entertain your family too!

Happy summer.  Happy reading!



Pink’s Garden Now Available on Amazon

Pink’s Garden Now Available on Amazon

After months of procrastination, Pink is here and ready for you to visit her garden!  Only .99 cents for this lovely visit through Pink’s flower garden. 25 real life photos taken from around the world by the author are welcoming and enjoyable.  Check it out today!


Pink’s Garden is book #7 in the My Color Friends Book Series!


Time for a game of I Spy!

Time for a game of I Spy!

It’s everyone’s favorite car game–I Spy! Come play I Spy through great Grandma’s garden, it is now in an ebook for you!

I Spy Purple

I Spy…Purple is a fun and interactive ebook game for your family! Now available at Amazon.com for only $1.99.


From Our House to Yours!

From Our House to Yours!

My daughter and I would like to share our book Orange You Glad with you! Join the wiggling, giggling fun as I read and SJ wiggles and giggles on my lap : ).

This is our first video, which is less than perfect, but it was a fun experience.  Today in homeschool we learned how to record and edit a video (well, at least i did!).

Please share the fun!


Orange and Blue in New Reading Formats!

Orange and Blue in New Reading Formats!

Thanks to Smashwords.com my books Orange You Glad and Blue Went to Sea are now available in many formats–this for all you non-Kindle users!

The new formats include:

  • Epub (apple users!)
  • PDF
  • RTF
  • LTF (older sony readers)
  • PDB (palm reading devices)
  • Print versions are also available by emailing us at: meetmycolorfriends@gmail.com

Now, do a little dance with me!

All you non-Kindle-Kiwis (and other friends), please welcome Orange and Blue onto your Sony readers and your computers : )! Each book is only .99 on Smashwords.com and Amazon.com.

Thanks for reading!



Five More Free

Five More Free

Five more hours to download your ebook, My Friend, Mr. Brown for FREE! Click on th link above to join the adventure of brown throughout Australia and the African plains! You and your children of all ages will enjoy this adventure!


My Friend, Mr. Brown Live on Amazon

My Friend, Mr. Brown Live on Amazon

Click the title above to see it and READ it!

Mark “Mr. Brown FREE” your calendar starting this Friday July 5-7!

Looking for 100 likes on Fb and tons of shares for the free download this weekend–we need YOU!

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