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Barnes&Noble, Remembering Saturdays in High School

Barnes&Noble, Remembering Saturdays in High School

Once I got my license in high school, I spent most Saturdays meeting different friends at Barnes&Noble.  The day was spent reading endless magazines (for free), pretending to be grown up while drinking a mocha and chatting about the celebrity gossip we just read about. Those were the days!  I miss those days.

Some mommy time with a mocha would be well spent I think. And I would probably escape in the same shallow magazines.  But not all afternoon, maybe just an hour? Yes, those days were fun and free.  And Barnes&Noble is in my heart forever!

And now I am in Barnes&Noble’s library!  That makes me happy! I didn’t even discover it til today.  (I have said before I may need a better publicist!) Drum Roll….

  • Orange You Glad and
  • Blue Went to Sea

are now for sale on the NOOK and in iBooks! Click the link above to see us live in B&N!

Congratulations My Color Friends!  I am blessed!


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