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White Went Around the World

White Went Around the World is the first book in the My Color Friends series by S. L. Poulton. This is a fun way for early learners to read about the color white while traveling the world through 18 real life pictures. White’s journey begins in New Zealand and ends in Asia. Come discover white with us!

Happy Readers say:

“A journey through some beautiful landscapes yet we can see that they are very real places that the author has visited. Great to share and discuss with children, particularly preschoolers.” ~ Hester C Lang

“Educational and entertaining for the whole family. Great book for parent to read to child. Great pictures by (the) author.” ~ Gloria Prosser

White Went Around the World Children's book!

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White Went Around the World Preschool Learn Your Colors Book

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White Went Around the World Children's Books

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