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Happy Holi!

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Loud pumping clubbing music woke us up today–because today is a day to celebrate in Nepal…it’s Holi, or the festival of colors!  And I mean colors.  Powder colors of the rainbow thrown onto anyone and everyone. And there must be dancing somewhere because there is heart pumping music.

For Hindus Holi celebrates the victory of Krishna, a Hindu god, over evil demons.  It’s unclear where the colors come from, but it’s a celebration nonetheless.  We may not celebrate the same way as our Nepali friends, but victorious good over evil should be celebrated!

And in celebrating colors, we continue to celebrate 8 My Color Friends children’s books!  Each MCF book is an early learning tool, celebrating the colors of the nations through real life photos!  Enjoy finding the colors White, Blue, Orange, Purple, Pink, Brown and Grey in Nepal, Australia, America, the USA more!

White Went Around the World is always free on Smashwords!

All 8 titles can be found as iBooks, NOOK books and as Kindle ebooks!

Graceful Grey, Asian Elephants at Work and Play is our current big seller–It is like a memoir of our time in Nepal!  We love elephants and we love sharing on elephant rides!  You can order a paperback book from us directly and save some pennies : )!

Happy Holi! Good Always Wins!


Inevitable Change


Change is coming, quite quickly in fact, and I want progress to follow.

On April 12, 2015 we will nation hop (as we do).  We will close the Nepal chapter and open another chapter in New Zealand.  We have been blessed to live in Nepal for almost 5 years.  It is the only home my children know.  But our work is done, for now.  This isn’t an easy change, but it is a welcome one.

Living in Nepal has been adventurous, challenging and inspirational.  It has been worth it, but change is inevitable and often necessary!

New Zealand’s green rolling hills are calling for us to come home and rest.  We need rest.  So we will return to my husband’s side of the family, our NZ heritage, for a year, or two and rest.  And grow.  And progress.

I do want to continue down this path of writing, exploring and creating.  I know NZ all be another place of life-giving  inspiration.  I am excited!

Living in NZ will also have it’s challenges, but together we will continue to walk forward.  Together we write more chapters in our life story.

Thanks for being a part of our story!



What I am Learning from Homeschooling My Kids, Part 1

What I am Learning from Homeschooling My Kids, Part 1

We have spent the last 3 years being slightly annoyed at my middle son, who always wants to be a part of everything anybody ever does!!! Recently I started having some one-on-one time with him, officially starting to learn letters. He often asked, “where’s sissy? What is she doing?”… Until I sat close to him and colored WITH him. If I am WITH him, he is happy.

He is a group learner. The rest of us will happily work on projects independently (which is why it took my so long to figure him out!). He is happy when he is a part of the group. So my husband and I sat down and regrouped–created a plan to do some group projects related to our history lessons. Here is a picture of our first group project, creating the world. He loved it.

But as you can see from my daughter’s face, she did not love it. Although we can’t please everyone all the time, we’ve made a slot for group projects in the midst of lots of self-teaching and independent learning. Over these next few weeks, I hope to build a habit and pattern that will include everyone’s learning strengths.

And what is most important is that I have learned that my son is a group learner…and when I make room for him to be part of the group, Peace follows. That’s our aim, peace in our home school!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Look up, looking forward.


I Spy. . .Purple MCF Book #6

Working on Book 6 now–showcasing the color purple in the nations! Getting excited to finally hit the publish button–hopefully we can do it today!


Looking to Spring

Looking to Spring

Writing “Pink’s Garden” now, I want it to be finished by Christmas!
Merry Christmas!


October Orange

October Orange

Family fun right here!

Celebrating October with Orange You Glad, by S. L. Poulton, available in print and several ebook options including: iBooks, Nook and Kindle!

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