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Learning about Social Media at Shaw Academy

I am in the middle of an online certificate course on Social Media with Shaw Academy.  I paid a fraction of the cost on the local GrabOne site (like Groupon) and I just jumped in.  What I am learning is foundational for anyone marketing on Social Media.

Lesson 2 has stood out to me more than anything else, because it motivated me to actually look at my books as a real business and to set goals, be strategic and to actually engage with readers on social media daily.  The following lessons have been the How-To for different Social Media sites like FB, Linkedin, Youtube, etc.  IT has all been very useful.  I am hopeful for the rewards that come in building relationships on social media.

I feel I had a good run at self publishing the children’s book series, but then in the international move, change of time zones and business of life, I lost the ground I had already covered.

Time to get going again!

I am also becoming a Jamberry Independent Consultant in New Zealand, so I have been immersed in webinars and business training.  It’s incredible and every morsel learned is knowledge gained towards the marketing and business side of the My Color Friends book series too.

Thanks Shaw Academy for some much need motivation and for the right tools to begin again!

I hope you’ll see me on Facebook and Twitter with new ebook FREEBIES! and more! Come check out the new and improved My Color Friends and let’s start a conversation about giving kids a great start on reading!


Our 2 Year Color Anniversary!

Today we met with our Nepali friends and had a birthday party.  Such a great way to start our last week in the place we have called home.    As we are about to embark on our adventure to New Zealand, I am also celebrating the 2 year anniversary of publishing my first kindle kids book, White Went Around the World!  So I get two fun and wonderful celebrations!

Packing up our lifetime of memories in Nepal is a big task.  I remember sitting in our guest room late into the night learning about Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace.  Those hours of searching the web and uploading my ebook again and again (with slow internet mind you) were worth it!

I have grown into this role as author.  And I look forward to the future that lies ahead in NZ–new possibilities, new colors, faster internet : ).  I am also very encouraged because in March 2015, I have officially made the same amount of sales as ALL of 2014!  Considering it’s only March, I feel I have a good thing going this year.

I have learned as a self-published author, momentum takes time.  It also takes effort (and fast internet), so maybe with little more time on my hands once we land in NZ, My Color Friends books can really take off!

Just in case you are wondering: our children’s paperback books best sellers are:

Graceful Grey, Asian Elephants at Work and Play in Chitwan, Nepal

Celebrating Elephants and memories of our home in Nepal!

On Safari in Etosha National Park Namibia, Children's book

Our memorable Safari in Namibia!











Real books, real places, real photos and a really fun adventure make for great learning in the hands of children!

It’s been a blast traveling and taking photos around the world and I am blessed that those photos have made great kids books.  The colors of the world to be celebrated in our house forever, and I hope they are celebrated in your house too!

Thanks for reading friends!


Wrapped Canvas on Zazzle SALE!

I love wrapped canvas art! And soon I will have a home to actually decorate (5 weeks and counting)!  I hope Zazzle runs this special discount again : ).

65% off all Wrapped Canvas on Zazzle with this code: CUSTOMCANVAS!

Create your own Wall Art or select and customize hundreds of designs on Zazzle already!  Here is my Spring Collection : ), also on sale! These gorgeous prints are perfect for Easter celebrations and Mother’s Day coming up fast! But Hurry the offer expires March 13.


Happy Zazzling! 
remember to use the Zazzle Code: CUSTOMCANVAS at checkout!

Easter Greeting Cards on Zazzle!

Funky Fun on Zazzle
Happy Easter!

I had so much fun making these Easter Greeting Cards (and a whole lot more on my Zazzle store!). I think the addiction is growing…

On Zazzle you can customize these cards–add your own greeting, title or message!  You can even upload your own photo and create a personal Happy Easter card for your loved ones.


Happy Holi!

Photo on 2011-07-02 at 08.33

Loud pumping clubbing music woke us up today–because today is a day to celebrate in Nepal…it’s Holi, or the festival of colors!  And I mean colors.  Powder colors of the rainbow thrown onto anyone and everyone. And there must be dancing somewhere because there is heart pumping music.

For Hindus Holi celebrates the victory of Krishna, a Hindu god, over evil demons.  It’s unclear where the colors come from, but it’s a celebration nonetheless.  We may not celebrate the same way as our Nepali friends, but victorious good over evil should be celebrated!

And in celebrating colors, we continue to celebrate 8 My Color Friends children’s books!  Each MCF book is an early learning tool, celebrating the colors of the nations through real life photos!  Enjoy finding the colors White, Blue, Orange, Purple, Pink, Brown and Grey in Nepal, Australia, America, the USA more!

White Went Around the World is always free on Smashwords!

All 8 titles can be found as iBooks, NOOK books and as Kindle ebooks!

Graceful Grey, Asian Elephants at Work and Play is our current big seller–It is like a memoir of our time in Nepal!  We love elephants and we love sharing on elephant rides!  You can order a paperback book from us directly and save some pennies : )!

Happy Holi! Good Always Wins!

The 11th Annual Chitwan Elephant Festival in Nepal!

Once again our family enjoyed all the adventures at the Annual Chitwan Elephant Festival in Nepal! Always educational…

and entertaining!…

And always a fun filled family holiday! Set your jet for Chitwan, Nepal for your next Boxing Day holiday for an up close and personal encounter with Asian elephants.  We love how Chitwan is family friendly and safe! Our kids love it feeding peanuts to the elephants and riding elephants (who wouldn’t?!).  We also fully love these beautiful graceful grey giants!

Read all about the Elephant Festival and learn about Asian elephants in Graceful Grey, Asian Elephants at Work and Play by S. L. Poulton! Now available for Nook, iBooks and more! Click here for Graceful Grey on Kindle!

Graceful Grey Elephants at Work and Play in Chitwan Nepal ebook for Kids!

Christmas Book Giveaway!

Graceful Grey, Asian Elephants at Work and Play is now a free ebook on Amazon.com!

Join the fun and download Graceful Grey for your Kindle Today!!!

• Do you love elephants?

• Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between Asian elephants and African elephants?

• Would you like to ride an elephant in Nepal?

Come and discover the unique qualities of Asian elephants with my friend, Graceful Grey!

First, she will take you on a ride throughthe jungle, then you can cheer for your favorite team during the soccer tournament at the Chitwan Elephant Festival in Nepal and then meet curious and playful baby elephants at the Chitwan Elephant Breeding Center.

With Graceful Grey as your host, you can also meet some of Nepal’s gorgeous grey friends!

With real life photos taken by the author in Chitwan, Nepal, this book is fun and educational for the whole family!

Graceful Grey, Asian Elephants at Work and Play in Chitwan, Nepal

Graceful Grey is book eight of the My Color Friends book series dedicated to exploring the colors of the world!  Other colors in the My Color Friends books series include: White Went Around the World, Blue Went to Sea, Orange You Glad, My Friend, Mr. Brown, Pink’s Garden and I Spy…Purple.

Dec 11 is the last day for the FREE download!

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