Exploring colors through interactive children's picture books!

I am in the middle of an online certificate course on Social Media with Shaw Academy.  I paid a fraction of the cost on the local GrabOne site (like Groupon) and I just jumped in.  What I am learning is foundational for anyone marketing on Social Media.

Lesson 2 has stood out to me more than anything else, because it motivated me to actually look at my books as a real business and to set goals, be strategic and to actually engage with readers on social media daily.  The following lessons have been the How-To for different Social Media sites like FB, Linkedin, Youtube, etc.  IT has all been very useful.  I am hopeful for the rewards that come in building relationships on social media.

I feel I had a good run at self publishing the children’s book series, but then in the international move, change of time zones and business of life, I lost the ground I had already covered.

Time to get going again!

I am also becoming a Jamberry Independent Consultant in New Zealand, so I have been immersed in webinars and business training.  It’s incredible and every morsel learned is knowledge gained towards the marketing and business side of the My Color Friends book series too.

Thanks Shaw Academy for some much need motivation and for the right tools to begin again!

I hope you’ll see me on Facebook and Twitter with new ebook FREEBIES! and more! Come check out the new and improved My Color Friends and let’s start a conversation about giving kids a great start on reading!


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