Exploring colors through interactive children's picture books!

Christmas Book Giveaway!

Graceful Grey, Asian Elephants at Work and Play is now a free ebook on Amazon.com!

Join the fun and download Graceful Grey for your Kindle Today!!!

• Do you love elephants?

• Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between Asian elephants and African elephants?

• Would you like to ride an elephant in Nepal?

Come and discover the unique qualities of Asian elephants with my friend, Graceful Grey!

First, she will take you on a ride throughthe jungle, then you can cheer for your favorite team during the soccer tournament at the Chitwan Elephant Festival in Nepal and then meet curious and playful baby elephants at the Chitwan Elephant Breeding Center.

With Graceful Grey as your host, you can also meet some of Nepal’s gorgeous grey friends!

With real life photos taken by the author in Chitwan, Nepal, this book is fun and educational for the whole family!

Graceful Grey, Asian Elephants at Work and Play in Chitwan, Nepal

Graceful Grey is book eight of the My Color Friends book series dedicated to exploring the colors of the world!  Other colors in the My Color Friends books series include: White Went Around the World, Blue Went to Sea, Orange You Glad, My Friend, Mr. Brown, Pink’s Garden and I Spy…Purple.

Dec 11 is the last day for the FREE download!


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