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This is a new idea from Amazon–let the readers pick which novels or stories get published! A major twist in the game. Read til the end to understand Kindle Scout.

I Love My Kindle

Amazon announces Kindle Scout

Amazon’s newest program is a traditional publishing effort with a non-traditional twist.

It is aimed directly at disintermediation. It wants to make readers the arbiters of what books get published.

This is different, and significant.

In traditional publishing, the publisher decides what actually gets published (made available to the public).

An author submits a book (through an agent, again this is traditionally) and the corporation weighs its value. There will be strategic elements to the decision…it won’t just be what will be the best book, but what will best fit the publishing strategy of the company.

Let me give you an analogy for this.

I’ve always been good at trivia. When I managed a brick-and-mortar bookstore, we had a publisher’s representative (they would come around to the stores and pull books from their publisher they thought were past their sales cycle, and suggest new ones) who…

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