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A New Found Love, Zazzle

It was only a matter of time before my selling world expanded just a bit more…I found Zazzle. I am a changed woman.

Honestly, if I had known this existed last year, I probably would not have written kids books. Maybe, maybe not.  But since 2007 (after our first trip to Africa), I have been trying to sell my photos, on something that felt meaningful to me.

My first attempt was to create a line of cards with the African animals on them and sell them at the back of churches.  My family and extended family bought most of them…and for about 7 years we get birthday cards of giraffes and elephants! Much loved giraffes and elephants mind you.

But the real downside was I had to buy all the cards and then hawk them myself.

But no longer, not with Zazzle, a print on demand service–just like CreateSpace that will print my little Children’s books when someone orders it.

This appeals to me on many levels, mostly because I live overseas! It is impossible for me to hawk anything to anyone. I rely 100% on the internet and my mom (God bless her for her efforts!).

So, the sky is the limit. It will take time, a good internet connection and so on…but we’ll venture down this road for a while and see where it leads us.

Our new Zazzle Stores:

We Love Elephants


My Color Friends

Keep following the journey…and if you love elephants, we may have an item for you!


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