Exploring colors through interactive children's picture books!

It would seem that I am a walking advertisement for Kindle, but seriously it just the reality of our mobile life. Gadgets are cool and gadgets make living overseas with 3 kids easier.

Every night we read the kids’ favorite stories on our kindle(s).  Tonight I flipped through about 5 books with our two-year old while I listened to my husband read The Wizard of Oz (on another gadget) to our 4 and 6 year old.

I am always surprised how well our 2 year old can navigate gadgets. And tonight I was surprised that he seemed to pick out “his” books. They have become his nightly routine. And by sitting with him seperately, my husband could read in peace without chubby fingers trying to read “his” books!

Tonight I was struck again with the writing bug.  Have you ever had it? Have you ever read a story or novel and thought, “I could do this.”?

When I read other kindle books, I am inspired to write my own!  Not so much because I think i could do better, but because it doesn’t seem magical anymore, it seems practical and achievable.  I’ve been through the process a couple of times and I know I can do it.

Now having the time to do it is another story…

But maybe soon, when we get off the road and return home, maybe then I can sit down with the baby, read our favorite stories, be inspired and begin writing again!


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