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Assault on the Senses

Living in Kathmandu is an assault on the senses!

When I walk out the gate…
Bright colors, taxis whizzing by,
People everywhere.
Endless chatter, dogs barking, roar of engines,
horns beeping,
Exhaust, sewer, noodles frying, and
that whiff past the fish market.
Mud puddles, sand between my toes, hard uneven ground,
stomp through the city.
Thick air-dust and pollution fill my mouth and nose, even through the mask.

never quiet,
the senses never more alive.
Dirty, can’t wait to get home. But will there be water to wash?

Then the sky darkens, people vanish, the sweet smell of rain, cool mist on the skin, the dust settles,
I can breathe again.
The city is washed clean, the well is filling,
home sweet home.


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