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Lost and Found

Summer reading book reviews


Book coverTitle: Lost and Found
Colleen Coble
Star Ranking: 
***** (Everybody should read this book)

Reviewer: Jayden M. (8th grade)

Describe the book in your own words: Lost and Found is a book about a month after Search and Rescue. Emily is in a mystery again and this time it is to help her best friend, Olivia. It is Olivia’s parents anniversary and Emily’s mom, Naomi, ordered a nice cake with the decoration of a wedding picture. While looking for the wedding photo, the girls uncovered a picture of Olivia’s adoption day. Olivia had no idea that she had been adopted, so she and Emily set out to find Olivia’s birth mom. Emily’s birth mom had just gotten out of prison and is a hassle to Emily. Emily doesn’t want to see her birth mother, but she just keeps showing up.

What did you think?:  I thought that this…

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