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Random Book Sales Makes My Heart Happy

In so many ways.

Recently on Amazon and CreateSpace, random sales on my book, On Safari in Etosha National Park, Namibia: My Color Friends: Book 5 had made me extremely happy!  This is my needle in a haystack that is actually being found. Random, I know.

Life’s too busy to promo, honestly, so all I have on my side is random google and Amazon searches.  I self-published wishing and praying that some one out there in the world wide web would stumble upon me and buy my book.  I think I was only half aware of the size of the haystack at the time, but nonetheless, I trusted in randomness.

Now, the creation of On Safari in Etosha National Park, Namibia…is divinely inspired.  It doesn’t fit the others in the series (whoops!), it is RANDOM.  But I felt I had to write it.  I was compelled and pushed to write and do it quickly…and as it turns out, it more sellable than the others.  I hoped and wished it would be, since it is based on 1 specific location, a quite famous location that actually attracts a bit of interest!  

Etosha National Park is an amazing place!  And we were so blessed to be able to go there when we were kid free  : ).  No crazy amounts of luggage or snacks, just us, the quiet, nature and our camera. (Sometimes I do miss those days, the quiet!). 

Anyway, I don’t stalk my sales, because I haven’t the time (and have mostly given up), but the other day when I popped onto CreateSpace, there was a dollar amount in my homepage.  Blown away I ran to my husband and said something along the lines “Someone from outside my family actually bought the book–more than 1!”  He had to see the proof, but when he did, two hearts were happy.

I hope the randomness continues : )



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