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Learning how to blog

I have had a personal blog since 2010…so i should know how to write and manage a blog, right?  I am learning that I have no idea!  But I am learning.

My personal blog (not this one) was created to keep friends and family connected with our adventures and travels.  It didn’t have to be fancy and there are no big expectations.  It’s been fun and a good place to start.

But now I’m an author (really? wow! Let me just say that out loud for a minute and let it sink in…).  And now I have this blog, a public for-the-world-to-see kinda blog.  It needs to be good, right?  Probably.  I think it will improve.  I obviously want to sell something–currently 3 books– my blog is my publicist.  But now I am learning about this bigger blogging community that’s out there and how I fit in.  

I was actually inspired by someone who “like” one of my posts.  My first thoughts were of shock, “Really, someone besides my mom found my blog!  How did that happen?”  So I looked on his blog to find clues.  Maybe he’s a dad or an uncle (why else would he take interest in a new blog about a series of kids books), maybe he just wants me to follow him to his blog.  Interesting.  His blog topic: effective blogging.  Although I felt a bit scammed (that I am now just another hit on his blog) he had some really good ideas!  

A blog can be more that just random thoughts or a commercial.  It can be a community.  

I spent this morning updating my blog with some of the dos and don’ts that I’ve read about.  And I also did some researching, which means I read a lot of blogs!  Most of which made me cry, they touched my heart.  Those are the people I want to be in my community. The parents or educators like me.  The ones with heart and a story to tell.

Although I don’t have much free time (in fact although this morning has been productive and worth it, I still feel guilty for zoning out my kids and into the computer) I like the idea of having a community.  Being connected to the “real world” once again.  It can get a bit lonely overseas.

So, still with the intent to sell books, I may add to the this blog, some thoughts, some personal-ness, something real for the world to see.  Our public blog with a focus can zoom out and include some insights to our little family.  After all I am publishing our personal family photos.  I think you could see what’s behind them!

Let’s see where it goes from here!  Please leave a comment if you have a direction in mind : ) 

Thanks for joining the adventure of blogging!


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